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Is Career Agility Right For You?

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When two years of researching agility extended beyond the persistent musings of my curious brain, I knew agile and career belonged together. Just like heart and soul or time and tide.

Software developers pioneered collaborative agile methods for two decades prior to formalizing their sharable manifesto in 2000. In 2012, a group of global marketers refined the iterative development framework to conform to their unique marketing management requirements.

Through work experience, one hundred twenty interviews, and participation in these movements, I discovered an agile mindset applies to individual career navigation. The Agile Career Development Model includes a definition:

“An agile career is a self reflective, incremental career path, guided by response to change, commitment to jobs as projects, and designed to optimize creativity, growth, and happiness.”

The thoughts and behavior patterns of over one hundred twenty cross-generational workers interviewed, echoed a telling truth.

The world of work is changing. Adapt or get left behind.

Due to the accelerated pace of technology, cultural, and economic changes, responding to change beats rigid planning.

Individuals must flex with the new rules of job relevance:

  1. Commit to lifelong learning
  2. Respond to change
  3. Be accountable for your career path
Marti Konstant The Agile Careerist Project book (in progress) includes stories about people just like you. Launch - March, 2017. Agile Career website will launch in October, 2016. More information on the Agile Career can be found on Marti Konstant’s Linkedin Publishing Platform and Slideshare. Social channels: @martikonstant